Just a few things!

We're expecting to be busy on Father's Day so if you could help us out, we'll be better able to serve you as well!


  1. Plan your stay to be about an hour and a half. Please bear with us, it's going to be really busy! With so many people coming, our chefs will have to work doubly fast to keep up with all of you. Imagine this, two parties of 6 (12 people) order two appetizers and 6 entrees each when the chefs are currently making meals for another two parties of 6. Are you still with us? In short, it's a lot of food!
  2. We're not doing take out orders on Father's Day. When you go to a restaurant for a specific occasion like Father's Day, you don't want to wait longer because a take out order came before yours, right? Of course not! You have our full attention as our valued guests.


See you on Father's Day!