takumi takoyaki bento banner.png

Coming this fall to Ka Makana Aliʻi!

At least.. that's our goal!

We're bringing $6 takoyaki and $8 bentos to you at our Ka Makana Aliʻi kiosk location. Our goal is to bring you an affordable meal and a fun snack especially if you work in the area and now it's happening! There'll be a small and simple menu making it easier to pick so you have more time to do the things that matter to you.

Yes, we were hoping to be done by the beginning of August however that fell through. We thank you for your patience as we're working through this process with Ka Makana Aliʻi and the various state departments regarding inspections and other legal matters. We're hoping this sorts out soon so that we're able to meet all of you there because putting things together is pretty quick!